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Tecnoindustrie and his highly qualified staff designs, realizes and installs innovative solutions for the passive fireproofing and the thermal insulation

Ethical Code

Tecnoindustrie operates in a very sensitive and complex area where internal regulations, complementary with the legal obligations, have a fundamental importance to ensure that the management and all staff act in accordance with the law and with the highest ethical and moral principles that the company has set out to achieve.

The company Ethical Code refers to a set of guidelines that anyone who is part of Tecnoindustrie or who occasionally works with the company is obliged to comply, to guide their behaviour towards the principles of responsability, legality and professionalism and to protect over time the reputation of the company itself.

Law enforcement and other assumptions of the code are guaranteed through constant organizational changes and through the adoption of procedures and technological systems that enable transparency and allow to monitor all the operations.

Tecnoindustrie is committed to mantain a fair and respectful behaviour towards employeeswho will be supported in professional development and to ensure safe working conditions and locations that comply with current regulations.

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