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Personalized solutions for passive fireproofing and thermal insulation
e l’isolamento termico

Tecnoindustrie is born with the aim to design, supply and install a complete range of coatings and solutions for the passive fire protection and thermal insulation.
Thanks to the highly skilled operators, the continous research of the most advanced materials and technologies and to the integrated management system for Quality, Safety and Environment, the company ensures the best performance and the full customer satisfaction.


The implementation of the passive fire protection systems is crucial to the safety of people and plants, preventing the collapse of the supporting structures for a predetermined duration in case of hydrocarbon or cellulosic fire.


Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation is an essential system to maintain high energy efficiency in Oil&Gas, petrochemical and food industry.It allows to keep constant the service temperatures of fluids, whether they are higher or lower than the ambient temperature, avoiding heat loss which may cause system stops.


Fields of application

Oil & Gas

Industrial Installations

Shipyard Installations

Food Industry

For each job, Tecnoindustrie is committed to guarantee safety, quality, high performances and the client satisfaction

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