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Tecnoindustrie is highly specialized in the passive fire protection by the application of epoxy intumescent or cementitious paint, applied on pipe racks, piping, supports, saddles, equipment, skids, valves and flanges.

Passive Fireproofing

In case of fire, the passive fireproofing prevents its propagation through the use of incombustible materials which serve as protection of the structural elements and control equipment, giving time to secure all the structures and implants wherever it is applied.

Tecnoindustrie is the first certified applier of Jotun JOTACHAR JF750 in Italy (last generation mesh free epoxy intumescent solution for the petrochemical and industrial facilities), is a certified applier of the Cafco FENDOLITE MII (a vermiculite and Portland cement spray applied) anda certified installator of DensGlass Sheathing (calcium silicate incombustible panels made by Global Building, adding performance and durability to a wide range of buildings).

Passive fire proofing coating phases

Structures to be treated are preventively blasted according to the project specifications and therefore are painted with the most suitable cycles as a function of the material which guarantees the maximum protection e durability in time.

The fireproofing cycle ends with the application of a hard top coating to protect the intumescent paint from the aggression of saline agents, chemicals spills and weather.
The material varies depending on the tye of fireproofing applied (intumescent or cementitious), ensuring the best possible protection.

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