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Pipeline Polyurethane insulation

Polyurethane Rigid Foam is one of the most thermally efficient insulation material available, needing only minimal thickness to achieve maximum energy efficiency.
Rigid PUR insulated products are made by reacting a liquid polyol component with a liquid polymeric isocyanate.

Oil & Gas

On Shore and Off Shore Oil & Gas facilities are served by many thousands of kilometers of pipeline. Polyurethane insulation helps engineers and designers optimizing the network performances, making easier to maintain the service temperatures all along the pipeline.


Pipelines play a key role in all the chemical plants, since they are used to move efficiently the fluids; their thermal insulation helps to dramatically reduce energy dissipation and to avoid additional costs for pumps and equipment.

Polyurethane insulation benefits

-Low thermal conductivity: prevents heat loss with minimal insulation thickness;

-Suitable for a wide temperature range: can operate between -160°C and +160°C ;

-Installation versatility: the insulation can be applied in factory and on site, fitting all the project specifications.

Tecnoindustrie provides solutions for the insulation of all the piping elements:

Pre-insulated pipes (in factory):

Straight pipes with standard length of 6, 12 and 16 meters;
Bended pipes with variable length and curvature radius;
Special pieces and fittings.

These are pipe-in-pipe systems where the service pipes are usually made of steel and the external one is in high density polyethylene.
The use of special spacers between the two pipes ensures the thickness constancy of the injected PUR foam, complying with the project specifications.

Joints insulation (in site):

Once the pipes have been laid down and welded, experienced personnel can proceed to fit the jacket pipearound the joint and inject the foam, ensuring proper insulation continuity.

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